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A boy who pretends to be part of the "emo scene" usualy 16-17 who preys upon the younger girls usualy 13-14-15 and because of how tight his girl pants are, and how skinny he is. usually about 130. and the cool shirts who wears, combined with thick black rimmed glasses, and his "scene" hair. in the years 2005, 2006 the emo pimps have been getting into really HOT girls pants by telling them that they are emo and care about their feelings. then the young girls are ditched the next by the emo pimps,and the emo pimps break it off using phrases such as "im too afraid of my heart being broken" or " i think im still in love with my ex" and then the young girls cant get mad at the emo boy because they are afraid to make them cry.
Emo Pimps Would NOT be able to get any girls if they dressed and acted like a normal person. plain and simple
by Greg Niemi September 27, 2006
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An emopimp is a male emo teenager who has multiple attractive female friends that are younger. They like the emopimp because he is sweet and sensitive and loyal.

The female friends can be referred to as the emopimps hoe's.
They normally buy things for the emopimp they idolise and invite him to all events they attend. They love having their emopimp around because they believe he "makes things fun".

Hey, look at that player over there, with the five chicks all fighting over who gets to sit next to him!

That's not a player, he's an emo. He's an emopimp.
by Emopimp November 17, 2007
an emo kid who knws how to make money the PROPEr way so he can buy more happy feet and bullet for my valentine cds.... yes some emos DO like happy feet. but these are the kinds who are also one fry short of a happy meal.
emo pimps usually travel in groups of 2-14 depending on how much street cred this dood has.
person 1: oh my gosh! did you just see that emopimp walk by?
person 2: yeah... he sure does know how to make his money.... shit dont come cheap you know.
emo pimp: yeah i's just playin the hoodz seen soes i can buy the LIMITED EDITION black parade... i heard it has a picture of a dead bird in it.
*person 1&2 nod*
person 1: i feel your pain you sad sorry.... sexi emo pimp.
by youmama isaloser January 19, 2007

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