Similar in structure to the Pirate emoticon "P )" the emo emoticon replaces the colon and semi-colon in a standard emoticon with a capital "F" representing the cliche half covered face of an emo kid.

Since emo kids generally don't express many emotions other than despair, bleakness, rage, or indifference their emoticons therefore lack variety.

Since emo kids are never happy the happiest form of an emo emoticon is as follows:

F |

The standard indifferent form is: F /

Finally, the following characters should not be used when typing an emo emoticon since it would be contradictory to their nature: "P" ")" "]" "D" "O"
Guy 1 - Hey dude what's up?
Guy 2 - nm F /
Guy 1 - huh? what's up?
Guy 2 - I just broke up with my girlfriend so I'm using emo emoticons and listening to "Fix You" by Coldplay on repeat
Guy 1 - ah dammit not this again, well you should come to this party tonight...there will be alot of cute girls there
Guy 2 - F /
Guy 1 - Fine be that suck all the fun out when you're like this
by brown_muscles December 09, 2010
Top Definition
An emoticon depicting an emo kid. Parentheses are an acceptable subsitute for the slashes. ((.-

Many variations of the "emo"ticon exist to express different moods (as emo kids often do).
Among the most popular are:
The Sad Emo Kid //_;
The Happy Emo Kid //_^
The Amazed Emo Kid //_o
The Angry Emo Kid //_<
The Pissed Off Emo Kid //_-
The "I Don't Care" Emo Kid //.-
The Sleepy Emo Kid //_~
an example of how Emo Emoticons appear in an IM conversation
"I don't care" //.-
"GRRRR" //_<
"YAY!" //_^
"My girlfried broke up with me." //_;
"Just leave me alone." //_-

a conversation can go something like this:

1: Hello!
2: //_< //_;
1: //_O
2: //.- //_-
by HOB4congress December 20, 2006
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