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the quintessential hairstyle of an emo, includes hair parted to the side covering one eye.
Guy1-Dude did you hear? that emo got in a car crash.
Guy1-Musta been his emo eyepatch. cant see a dammed thing with those.
#emo #emo eyepatch #eyepatch #goth #hair #hairstyle #emo eye patch
by B-rian March 16, 2006
The chunk of hair that a person puts over their eye or face to hide themselvs. Also See Butt Pirate,Emo Hair,Emo,Scene Kids,HxC
"OMGZORZ, I love my Emo Eye Patch!!"
#butt pirate #emo hair #emo #scene kids #hxc
by Matt. Valentia August 06, 2006
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