An emo corner, as the name suggests, is a corner in a room, usually a classroom, where an exclusive group of subspecies emotive students congregate together and discuss their tasteless music and passion for razor blades. More often than not, these emotive students are easily identifiable by their uninspired haircuts and anorexic tendencies.
Hey look at those emo kids in the emo corner, let's ask them if they want to do some emo squats. Shall we proceed to further ridicule them?
by Harrison June 12, 2006
Top Definition
A place in the room. (the corner) in which an emo kid. sits and stares. feeling excluded, and alone. and is sometimes joined by other emo kids. who feel the same.
she sat and stared at me from her emo corner. the farthest side of the room.
by mookie. August 16, 2004
An extremely sad state of mind, in which one mentally retracts oneself into a confined state of mind, tending to be quite emotional.

<i>Note: Can often be caused by a frida kahlo man</i>
Even though I thought I'd get over him/her, I'm still stuck in emo corner.
by Senser of Auras November 15, 2003
The corner that you will be emo in.

When you are really sad about something.
Sasuke is always in the Emo corner.

Reading really sad stuff will make you go to the emo corner.
by Emo_one_92 November 02, 2008
The place where an emo, me, sits in the corner either stares blankly ahead feeling alone and not cared about or they curl up in a ball and put their head in their lap.
When I found out my crush was gay, I went and sat in a ball in my emo corner.
by im alone in the world.... July 14, 2008
It's like a group hug, only more depressing and suicidal.
"Time to go to the Emo Corner"
"Oh hey me too!!"
by iiToxicSX January 30, 2012
A corner where people can sit when in a highly emotional state (Shortened to "emo") Most often alone but sometimes other highly emotional people who are feeling the same may join them. People in their "emo corner" sit quietly staring at the intersections of two walls A.k.a. the corner.
Jim: Hey Bob whats with Tom over in the corner?...
Bob: Having a rough time I presume...
Jim: Well why is he in the corner?
Bob: Its his "Emo corner"
by Tom Brisk August 19, 2013
A website for people who want to learn more about emo to go to. Although a lot of thought was put into the site, and was created by fellow 'emos', it has very inaccurate descriptions of things, such as the definition about emo boys kissing. *look for my def of emo boys kissing for more info*

I myself think little of Emo Corner, and rarely, if ever, go to it.
A: Hey did you see the link to the emo myspace layouts on Emo Corner?

B: yeah they are kick-ass!
by XsammiXgirlX August 18, 2008
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