The name of the hot actress that plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.
Emma Watson is very hot and sexy!!!!!
by jello_for_dinner July 23, 2005
The British actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.
Bob: Check this out! You can see Emma Watson's panties on YTMND
Tom: Who the fuck is Emma Watson??
Bob: Hermione from Harry Potter.
Tom: O RLY?
Bob: Ya RLY
Tom: No WAI . . . . . OH SNAP!
by Goober Loober January 18, 2006
Hot actress that plays Hermione Granger who wants to go out with The Kev.
The Kev: Emma, you're so pretty.
Emma: Thanks, I <3 you.

*All in The Kev's dreams*
by Kevy X August 10, 2005

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