Emma Watson is the actress best known for the Harry potter films. She is beautiful and one of the best role models in Hollywood alongside Taylor Swift. People who hate her are douchebag jealous morons.
See also beautiful and awesome role model.

Person: I hayyyet emma watsen!!!!!!
Other person: you dumbass, it is spelled Emma Watson. Stupidshit hater.
by Emmafanlove January 11, 2011
The name of the hot actress that plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.
Emma Watson is very hot and sexy!!!!!
by jello_for_dinner July 23, 2005
The British actress who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter movies.
Bob: Check this out! You can see Emma Watson's panties on YTMND
Tom: Who the fuck is Emma Watson??
Bob: Hermione from Harry Potter.
Tom: O RLY?
Bob: Ya RLY
Tom: No WAI . . . . . OH SNAP!
by Goober Loober January 18, 2006
Hot actress that plays Hermione Granger who wants to go out with The Kev.
The Kev: Emma, you're so pretty.
Emma: Thanks, I <3 you.

*All in The Kev's dreams*
by Kevy X August 10, 2005

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