Emily is extremely kind, she just doesn't aknowledge it.

Emily has a wonderful smile, she just doesn't use it.

Emily has a brilliant mind, she just doesn't show it off.

Emily has a stunning body, she just won't say it.

Emily is suffering, she just won't show it.

Emily is the most beautiful girl in the world, she just can't see it.

Let her know that she can talk to you about anything, and always listen. She'll trust you with anything and everything, so don't let her down. And most importantly, tell her you love her every day, and never break her heart.
Person 1: Emily, your smile lights up my world.
Emily: Really? I don't think it's that great.

Person 1: Hey Emily, are you okay?
Emily: I'm fine, just fine.

Person 1: Emily, you are truly gorgeous.
Emily: Keep saying that, and maybe someday I'll see it too.
by iloveemily123 February 04, 2010
A kind-hearted, compassionate individual. Emily's are usually very nice and helpful. Very loving and compassionate people. They're fun-loving and hard working. Some are slightly crazy and very imaginative, too.
Overall, they're just plain awesome. Never provoke an Emily, though, or face their anger. Not fun.
Person A: She's so nice. Obviously an Emily.

Person B: She's so funny and crazy. She's probably an Emily.
by Hopelovewriting December 29, 2011
Emily is the girl you can tell anything to and she won't think any more or less of you. She's the one you can trust like a diary and she won't dare tell a soul. She'll love you through thick and thin and probably loves too many people and eventually will get hurt for doing so. She has little to no self confidence and no one knows why. She's the type of person who puts herself down so others feel better about themselves. Emily is the type of person who would give up her life to save anyone and anything. If you know an Emily then you are blessed with a really great friend and endless imagination.
Emily is the type of person who can make you smile even if she can't stop her own tears.
by Smiles-N-Tears March 29, 2010
Emily is the one you think is shy; she's beautiful but doesn't know it. She is incredibly gifted, but she never brags.
She is the greatest friend you could ever ask for. Emily is always there to listen and doesn't take a good friend for granted. She will always treat you well. Emily has respect for herself as well as others, and she is always thinking of others. She is the most loving person you know. Emily is forgiving, but she won't be pushed around. She is strong in her values, but she won't shove her beliefs down your throat. Emily is your favorite person. She is the one you have a million inside jokes with. She's the one you always want to be around. She's the one you laugh with every second you are together. Once you have an Emily in your life, never let her go because you'll never find one just like her.
Person 1: Emily is my best friend.

Person 2: Lucky- I wish I had an Emily as my best friend.
by <3:)<3 December 19, 2010
An absolutely stunning person. Has an amazing heart and personality. She is like a princess, someone you should always keep close to you.
Boy 1: Wow, look at that girl. She looks like a godess.
Boy 2: Yeah, thats Emily
by reecelover December 07, 2011
An Emily, is one who rides unicorns. All Emily's have the magic talent to ride a unicorn anywhere they want. Normally the unicorn is pink, but sometimes can be other colors, like dark pink. If you see an Emily, make sure you bring up the topic about unicorns, and watch as she she goes on and on about them. Unicorns are very special to Emily's and it's easy to know what to get an Emily for her birthday!
Danielle: Look, it's a girl riding a unicorn way up in the sky!

Jenny: Oh, it must be an Emily! Look at her go!

The Emily waves and smiles as she glides by on her unicorn.
by KittyKittyKat January 04, 2010
emily is a girl, and she's probs the hotest kid you'll ever find. no joke. when you see her you'll want her heaps bad. :)
bronwyn: emily, i need you on me now
emily: bronwyn, i want you heaps bad too
bronwyn: get on me
emily: i'm already in you :)
by bronwynlovesemilyokayy February 25, 2008

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