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EMILY: Kind hearted and compassionate. Usually has deep brown/green eyes, and beautiful features. Very nice, fun loving and a hardworking kind of girl. Some are slightly crazy and others are very imaginative, easily distracted but amusing. Overall, she is a very colorful kind of person. Never provoke an Emily though, or prepare to face anger.

ANNE: A classy girl with a crazy side, and lives up to her name. Occasionally she just has to let loose.

TEALE: Beautiful but very shy on the outside, but get ready for some crazy shit once you get to know her!
Person A: Dude. She's insane!
Person B: But she's so pretty!!!
Person A: Probably an Emily.

Guy A: Dude! What happened to you?!
Guy B: Emily....
Guy A: O.o

Emily Anne Teale
by DanceWarrior December 09, 2012
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