PERFECT! She's very smart, pretty, and funny! She's kind to everyone, but she have an evil side! Once you get to know her she's an amazing person! She's crazy and always hyper! She always knows just what to say and just how to cheer you up! Her smile is the prettiest thing you'll ever see! She's loyal to her friends! She's also a GREAT girlfriend! You'd be very lucky to know her!
Emerson is pefect in every way! If you know an Emerson, you should go out with her or be her best friend!!!
by QueenAlexis March 02, 2014
Not the 20th century, transcendentalist poet who changed his last name to his favorite word on Urban Dictionary
They were uncomfortable calling him Mr. Crossjostle, so his friends just called him Emerson.
by Emerson Crossjostle March 09, 2013
An awesome rack on a girl
as in "em er some" nice ones
Barrett said to Patrick "Check out those emersons on her!!!"
by Tomboy May 20, 2004
A woman with large breasts.
Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Emerson who?
Emerson nice titties!
by d'rof71 July 05, 2006
1. a dead poet, Ralph Waldo Emerson
2. a crappy corporation whose CD and DVD players stop functioning right after the warranty expires.
Joe: Hey, Bo, do ya wanna listen to this poem I wrote?
Bo: Na, let's read something by Emerson.

Johnny: Let's listen to my new CD!
Bonnie: Sorry, but my Emerson CD player just stopped working.
Johnny: Ship it to the company and make them fix it!
Bonnie: I would, but the warranty expired yesterday.
by hg3300 May 18, 2010
Emerson is by far the worst appliance company ever. Their TVs don't have the right buttons on them, their appliances are flimsy pieces of shit, and they sell things in the US and yet its impossible to contact their customer service outside of Canada. Seriously try, they block your phone calls most of the time.
Customer: My television doesn't have an input button and the flimsy remote broke! What do I do?
Emerson customer service: Sorry, I'm too busy anally raping my fellow Canadians to respond right now.
Customer: What can I do about my broken iPod Alarm Clock?
Emerson customer service: Not email me, Thats for Canadians only.
Customer: Emerson Electronics can drink my bodily fluids.
by krakpusha March 18, 2008
a cesspool in bergen county, nj
I drove through emerson yesterday and it smelled and looked like shit.
by ex-emersonian August 22, 2005

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