Generally a sexy swedish american with blonde hair and blue eyes. She loves meatballs and has a fat cat. She likes to wear shirts backwards because she thinks it looks cooler that way, but it doesn't. She likes grass and hates sand. She is scared of fish.
At the beach in California: EMELIE STOP! Don't come in the water, I see a fish!
by speedygoblin June 18, 2011
Top Definition
An other word for goddess, but could also be used to describe a very good friend.
Aphrodite was a true Emelie.

Person 1: Wow, she seemed nice.
Person 2: Indeed, she's my Emelie!
by The little leprechaun February 05, 2010
Emelie is a funny girl because she's afraid of snails! <3 and she is the best ever!
Person 1: let's put this snail in Emelie's bag!
Person 2: she'll be so scared!
by pikachu2134 February 05, 2010
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