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Electronically amazing.
Those graphics and animation are "emazing!"
by Greg Martinez March 12, 2008
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Someone that is unbelievably fun, smart, musically inclined, and/or cutie. Someone that makes a person's world go around. Everything that someone would ever want.
Person 1: Why do you like her so much?

Person 2: You obviously haven't hung out with her, because she's emazing.
by CircaKnives September 17, 2009
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adj. Amazing online, terrible on LAN. (Refers to online games such as counter-strike and other e-sports that can possibly be hacked)
He is so e-mazing, he dropped 30 in his CAL match yesterday, but at TFL he was 1-14.
by eMan September 02, 2005
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The "amazing" feeling that one receives from the use of ecstasy.
Dude! I'm rolling so hard right now. I feel so emazing.
by Shelby Williams June 13, 2006
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A word used to describe how "amazing" someone is who's name starts with an "e"
Wow that emily is so "emazing" at ice hockey I can't believe it!
by Scott Cabot October 12, 2008
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