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An exchange of emails between friends that snowballs into a melodramic opera.
This is what an Email Opera looks like:

// Message 1: TJ says //
1. /excuses
2. PoF was complicated... Turns out she had a bf. BUT I DIDN'T KNOW, IT WAS ONLY AFTER WE KISSED (we went for a walk after the wall climbing) THAT SHE TOLD ME. Which is bullsh*t. She was unhappy and wanted to see if there was anything better out there. I'm not going anywhere near that sh*t.
3. They added new walls.

// Message 2: EM says //
1. I said stop trolling!
2. Ouch sorry dude! That shit sucks!

// Message 3: TJ says //

1. /excuses
2. She wanted to see me again. She texted me this morning. They've been going out for a year already and she's somewhat ready to break off with him (maybe). On moral grounds, I can't do it unless she breaks it off and there's been an acceptable buffer period.  We actually had a great time right up until that last bombshell.

// Message 4: EM says //
1. Your gay
2. buffer period is not needed after breakup sex I think would be awesome lol.

Continues for another 10 exchanges...
by Xtrykr March 21, 2012
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