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Pain in the ass who makes no freakin' sense and restarts relationships just to ruin the guy even more.
I hate you, Em.
by Friend February 18, 2004
41 78
myself, who is named em. I am the stupidest and most idiotic creature on this planet. hate me, you know you want to.
Don't hate em because she's beautiful... hate her because she's not!
by the anarchist June 09, 2004
15 68
funny friend :) she has mega hyper turns and love lilo and stitch. there, see, i mentioned stitch. anyway, clowns arnt her best friend but that very much dead evil dark lord monkey might be. flying monkeys rule. want some tomacco?
em: VMDEDLM did a purple shit over there.
me: eww. hey look! flying monkeys!
em: cool!!
me: want some tomacco?
em: wohoo!
by :poisonedheart: January 15, 2004
18 101