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A very stunning young lady who is admired by all for her wit and general awesomeness. Loves easily, falls hard,
which some people say is a flaw, but is really a plus. Talks alot about guys, and rightly so, because she has alot
of attention from them. Loves shopping, makeup, and other girly things. Absolutely breathtaking. Quite sexy, but

usually down plays her looks because she feels uncomfortable around guys staring at her chest. A great friend, a
sometimes finds her self in difficult situations. All around an amazing girl.
Boy 1: I wanna date her, she's an ella!

by dookiemama July 22, 2011
The most gorgeous woman ever seen. Known to randomly throw out little adorable and hysterical one-liners. Very artistically talented. One who has no true idea of her true beauty, both inside and out. A very very special woman that has the love and admiration of a person willing to do almost anything for her
She was a real ella on the dance floor. I could tell by the way she moved and the genuine laughter around her.
by sackets January 10, 2012
shotend term of the greek word for GREECE

eg. australia= aussie
greece= ellas
by nikik March 18, 2007
The spanish word for "her/she".
Ella es gorda. (She is fat).
by eadams31 May 27, 2006
Ella is often described as petite and cute, sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, smart and full of life. She has an amazing smile and beautiful dark brown eyes. She's very girly - wears dresses almost all of the time. She also loves nature and adventure. She's a head turner but she doesn't know that she's so lovely. Most girl nowadays are so full of themselves but Ella remains humble and very down to earth despite the attention she gets.

She puts a lot of effort when she cares about you. But most of the time, the people she cares about take her for granted.

Ella has some minor flaws, like being indecisive and moody. But anyone will tend to overlook these flaws because she has the best personality.

She forgives easily and never hold grudges. The one who wins her heart will be every man's envy. Your time with her will be the happiest you've been in your life. She gives her everything even if you don't deserve her.
Andy: "Ella's turning heads when she walks through the door. She's really a stunner!"

Rick: "But she doesn't even know she's beautiful."
by Meet_Joe_Black September 20, 2013
The most caring person you will ever meet. Often brown eyes, medium semi-curly hair. Loves animals, especially lizards. Will stand by you forever.
She's such an Ella, I'm so jealous...
by FizzehLizzeh October 03, 2011
A dreamer.
Wow, she is such an Ella.
by Someonewhoyouknow July 08, 2013