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Elizahs are spontaneous and like to party, but are also studious and have high expectations for themselves. They make friends easily but are selective about the ones they keep. They have addictive personalities, love to talk about themselves, and are musically inclined.
Elizah=A gem, rare and beautiful.
by Smiley2013 January 31, 2010
Shes a hot head, she loses her temper in about 2.5 seconds and then she plots her revenge towards the person who made her mad. AND .... MOST AMAZING PERSON ON EARTH . jk.
Oh man here comes Elizah
by cjkxscnbdhsjkcdxch May 07, 2015
This girl probably has long strawberry blonde hair, really pretty and loves music and animals. lots of boys like her and she volunteers at animal shelters. Her favorite animal is either cats or pandas... And can be a little pushy sometimes! But other then that she is an awesome friend and is loyal to everyone. She is most likely to like boys with the letters c,s,k,n,p,w. Once you meet her you will be stunned by her beauty!! 👌
Elizah is so sweet!
by Mc flurry February 24, 2015
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