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a bitch skank who makes her life worth while by fucking ugly brother look alikes and thinking she's cool cause she thinks she is the biggest good charlotte fan... what a poser!!!
meaning you got fucked over.... dun dun dun you just got bethed bitch
by miranda March 09, 2004

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A dirty ass skank who thinks she's too good to work at Mcdonalds with the rest of us, enjoys whining about everything...also see prep
Don't be such a Beth!
instead of "Bitch" yell "BETH!!" really loud...it's a great insult.
by Nicole March 10, 2004
Punk-ass little bitch who thinks the world revolves around her. Dates guys for the money, then the dick, then dumps them for ugly fuck-asses named Adam. All around a dirty, dirty whore!
Damn that is some dirty snatch you might say! BROWN!

Oh me and Adam had sex at a bonfire then we slept in the back of his truck and got drunk. OO OO fuck me im a dirty Whore!
by Redfan March 09, 2004
skank skank skank... well else do you need to know except for biiiitch
prissy bitch
by adam and adam March 10, 2004
a stuck up, snobby ass, bitch who thinks she is better then everyone. a nasty whore only interested in getting dick. thinks 1990 riceburners are the greatest things in the world. who dates fucks named adam that look like her 8 year old brother.
sonnofa beth!
my ex-girlfriend cheated on me then broke up with me a week later. damn, you could say she just pulled a beth.
by adam schuster March 08, 2004