All Elias' are non-man-whores who care for their girlfriends. They are the bestest friend that you could ever have and listen to you no matter what the hell you are waffelling on about. They are the best kissers, full stop. They are all very good-looking and their charming cheesy ways are enough to entice a girl anywhere. They always remind you that you are beautiful and that he loves you even when you are being a prick or are not blessed with goodlooks. They don't care what others think and will show any type of affection anywhere as they love you. Elias' tend to make amazing hot chocolates and spoil their girl rotten even though they know they shouldn't because she tells them over and over agian that he doesn't need to. Elias' are incredibly intelligent, talented, sporty and perfect. He takes your breath away as soon as you meet him and you are left in a trance that disables your ability to speak. They are always honest and always loyal, they never hurt you but if they do, they make it up to you in a heartbeat. When you fall in love with an Elias, good luck gurrrll cos you are stuffed, you will always love him.
me: "I talked to Elias today. HE ASKED ME OUT, he is so damn hot!"
Friend: "OMG you are so lucky, I am so jealous of you. Everyone else will be too, w8 4 da h8 sista"
Me: "I know, I don't care. I'm in love"
by Edie Smith March 05, 2013
A sexy motherfucker that suceeds in life, usually moves out into a mansion with a Bugatti at the average age of twenty years old.
Elias is life
Elias has money
by African Melon February 17, 2015
The whitest and most scary looking kid on the block.
Friend: Ah!
Me: What?
Friend: Elias!

Me: Elias! Where are you I lost you
Elias: I just closed my eyes
by AlmondB28 March 27, 2014
1. knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, especially language 2. to desire another's wife
1. He is really an elias and can offer you a long lesson on at least seven languages. 2. His elias for Mrs. Tiefenthaler is actually quite humorous.
by mn4life May 03, 2006
A boy with an eggshaped head who likes to kick people in their face
In 5th grade Elias kicked me in the face while i was reading under the table.
by faggpot August 17, 2013
A guy known for his extreme ability to drive you mad. Can fool anyone and has zero neurons-. Sweet & caring when his friends aren't around and says cute things like "Ma" && "Baby"...Doesnt know what he wants in life but can't force him to learn this early in his life at 16. Likes to cuddle with different girls "ME" while he has a girlfriend!! NOpe...that guy is not a player he is just a wannabe player....
That guy is such an Elias he cheated on his girlfriend.
by YaGirlMea March 04, 2010
1. A kick ass song by a kick ass band, Dispatch.
2. Some kid I knew in college; Heather's brother
1. Have you heard that song Elias? It kicks ass!
2. I saw Elias picking his nose the other day.
by Unfairman January 09, 2004
1.)A loud or obnoxious person.
2.)A person who has issues being quite.
1.) Dude, that guy is SUCH an Elias!
2.) I wish he wouldn't be so Elias.
by LunaAlmighty November 18, 2010

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