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The term used for people who don't appreciate infamous horror movie director Eli Roth. People that don't understand good shit when they see it and are completely close-minded to new things in horror. People that wish that they were that awesome.
"Hey I hear he's a Eli Roth hater!"

"Well than hes a dick, and wishes he was that awesome!"

"Eli Roth haters don't know what theyre missing"
by Christine Kiba September 25, 2009
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A single person or a group of persons without the superior power to make a name for themselves. These specific individuals mainly target the director/producer/actor known as Eli Roth in hopes of getting a false rise out of him. Pathetically their attempts are failed 100% of the time.
"who is that kid knocking Eli Roth's films?"
"Oh don't mind him, he is just another one of those lonely Eli Roth Haters".
by Sweet A Patterson September 05, 2010

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