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A term used to indicate one's good fortune in having 'beating someone else to it'.
"Ahhh I'm glad I got here first... I've got Eleven Lives Left."
by Lukey April 04, 2005
adj. n. verb.
1. Nightmare.
2. A fear of having two of anything.
3. An irrational hatred of double chins.
4. A popular westcountry musical outfit, with a cunt playing bass in a very pumptious manner.
5. Not quite as good as Twelve Lives Left or Full Speed Alone.
Dave "Are you going to see Eleven Lives Left tonight mate?
Rob "No. They're shit."
Dave "Don't be stupid, they're good!"
Rob "But Luke plays in the band"
Dave "Oh yeah. He's a right pumptious cunt"
by How it is April 06, 2005
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