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1) When you stick a half-dozen goofy white guys with Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts in the elevator of a busy office/residential building. One person carries around a boombox or some small stereo in hand and the rest attempt to do stereotypical white man dance techniques like the shopping cart, water sprinkler, or the cabbage patch. The music of choice is usually a trance/techno mix. Movement is limited, so you get what looks like a rhythmless, homosexual clusterfuck. Usually will only last up to 15 minutes, when at that time someone complains that they can't take the elevator because a group of dorks are taking up too much room and/or making a scene.

2) A real sausage fest.
"When some guys from SUNY Albany tried to throw an Elevator Dance Party, their shindig was prematurely halted due to Aunt Jemima complaining about it. On the bright side, at least they didn't permanently ruin their chances of scoring with a woman for the next several years."

"Elevator Dance Parties never include more than one of two ladies tops, so it ends up being a statistical sausage fest."
by Nick February 04, 2004
A dance party held in an elevator usually with music and dancing. Some events held during elevator dance parties are: Glowsticking, breakdancing and beatboxing.
During the Elevator Dance Party the crowd went wild.
by Oliver J November 02, 2007

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