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A funny version of the food popcorn used by Persian speakers that talk in English.
Ethmology: Popcorn in Persian is pronounced "chose-feel" (the /s/ in chose is pronounced like the letter /s/, not /z/.)Chose-feel is a coincidental compound word. Chose means fart, and feel means elephant.
Mom, can we eat some elephant fart at the movies?
by *censor beep January 29, 2009
A fart which is ripped while pulling the leg as high as you can holding it by the back of the knee, and letting the rest of the leg hang. This resembles an elephant trunk. Also, this position creates a sound that is like an elephants yell.
Dude: Guys check it out! (Elephant farts)
Dude: It was an elephant fart n00bs, get a clue.
by Dev B. November 06, 2006
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