The loveliest noony in the world. Fat but meh, we'll get over it. She can diet. Oh and eyes like bowling balls

I love her <3
Why, who is that cumbersome young lady wobbling along?

None other than Eleni.
by melon legs. November 11, 2010
Top Definition
A midair splatter who likes to take her earrings out. commonly has CUCUMBER JUICE. iykwim<3
A TURTLE WITH WHEELS?! vroom vroom :D
911 im being raped
by iykwim<3 November 18, 2010
ass so fat need a lap dance. a josh fucking lil bitch who teaches english and is jealous of a paul
stop being such a bitchy babcock eleni
by babbers July 17, 2012
Traditional, Greek meaning "Ray of Light". Associated with Iris, goddess who travels on a "ray of light", rainbows, flowers, all that goodness. It's the greek version of the name ELAINE.

Good mom. Protective. Smart. Can be extremely strict, serious, stern. Confident but secretly insecure. Sexy. Risque. Racey! Loved the Beatles. Owned Chippendales calendars. Big boobs. Could seduce younger men if she wanted to; cougar-esque. Awful singer, but still belts out oldies, resulting in others learning the goodies. Hilarious. BEST friend. Caring. Kind to everyone and teaches others to be the same way. Always adopting people and animals. Comforting. Supportive. Touched others. Memorable smile. Charismatic. Popular. Lovable. Missed.

Susan Sarandon-like, Sigourney Weaver-ish.

Name is more common as middle name.

Did you see the lady in the hot pink top? CA-RAZY cleavage! THAT'S SO ELENI.


Don't pull an Eleni and bring that sick cat home! It probably has rabies.
by dointhedew September 19, 2008
the act of giving a blow job to a bon jovi song
i got elenied wile i was living on a prayer
by imasexybeastandnoonecomparesss September 07, 2008
A drinking game, where a guy cums in 12 shot glasses, and the girls drink, and whoever is the last to take the shot has to suck a rubber penis
We played Eleni Last night, and Jessica Lost.
by JasonRoger December 24, 2008
A satanic creature often found lurking in the depths of a toilet or your moms room. Likes to sniff cocaine in the morning and shit rainbows at night.
Oh my god i think i saw an Eleni!
by bobthebuildercantfixthis March 10, 2016
the most beautiful greek girl ever - she has a nice smile, long dark hair, a hot skinny toned body and tanned skin - loved by many hated by few - she's really smart and has a killer personality, she's the envy of so many and so many guys want her - not many people know but under her laughing and tough exterior she's actually quite sensitive and has been through a lot...
wow I wish I was Eleni
Look at Eleni's hot new shoes
by lelelele1234 May 09, 2011

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