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A song by Scissor Sisters, (the greatest modern disco-rockers ever!), which talks about peer-pressure induced homophobia, and promotes the whole "gay workout" routine. It is one of the Scissor Sisters' older songs, though a fan-favourite. It is not found on the band's self-titled debut album, although it can be found on the unofficial Scissor Sisters 'Remixed!' album. (You can also download it on P2P file-sharing programs such as KaZaA)
Example 1: "I was just a boy with my lunch in a bag, the other little boys made me feel like a fag."

Example 2: "You gotta pump your body, ooh, you wanna be a hottie!"

Example 3: "I'm too lazy to buy/can't find the unofficial Scissor Sisters Remixed! album, so I'll just download Electrobix off KaZaA!"

Example 4: "Electrobix makes a great workout jam! I listen to it every time I workout and it's just perfect!"
by ^___^ June 24, 2005
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