Really annoying and gay trend, a cousin of emo, fashioncore, and hardcore, mostly on myspace "&&" xanga. Basically fashioncore, but "electrikks" guys and gals have an obsession with dinosaurs, even tho thats really gay because dinosaurs dont exist. Ambulances, car crashes, and guns are also part of their obsession. These "electrikk" people are usually chubby, just the way it is. They listen to bands such as my chemical romance, the used, because it is the "cool" thing to do. By the way, your not electrikk, (thats not even the way you spell it, its electric), your vibrator is.
dinosaurs && (who says and and?) ambulances=THE SEX!&& GUNS GO BANG BANG! Polka dots && neon colors=THE SEX! Checkers && hearts! I listen to MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE! Conor Oberst=THE SEX!<3<3<333333
by Serena M August 05, 2005
decadance,vintage,tight jeans,hard hitting lyrics,mixtapes,romance,lovers,liars,home made shirts,photographs,black and white snapshots, its anything just to the fcuking core biatch.

background-all those core lovers and liars out there.
1-shoot me, im electrikk.<3
2-she's so electrikk to the core.
by yesteryear x June 03, 2004
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