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A great webcomic written and drawn by Dan Shive. The characters are mostly eccentric and regularly funny, however sometimes there are bits of drama. Drawn in the anime comic style, though not completely influenced by it.
El Goonish Shive makes me laugh, weep, and keeps me on the edge of suspense!
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
A weird and funny webcomic, created by Dan Shive.
Includes: transformation, squirrel girls, gender bending, hot chicks, chick on chick action. Boys will love it
(Great story cute boys, girls will love it too)
El Goonish Shive is the best webcomic on-line.
by Maki P May 27, 2006
A webcomic written by Daniel Shive that flawlessly blends cartoonish nonsense with an interesting, engaging plot.
It takes some pretty decent writing to make you actually empathize with the characters of any story. El Goonish Shive is the only webcomic to achieve this effect.
by The Gray Knight August 16, 2008
El Goonish Shive is a web-comic for people who like to see men transformed into women, humans transformed into animals, and anime-style martial arts wackiness.
Have you seen what Tedd did this week in El Goonish Shive?
by Anonymous September 20, 2003
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