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Often found at the nearest bar trying to consume all the vodka or aftershock in the building in various mixes. Sometimes found with blood in his Vodka and Redbull stream
Hello. Can I have a double vodka, archers, blue aftershock, blue caracao(sp?) and lemonade please

Can I have three double vodka and redbulls and a purple(1 blue 1 red 1 glass)aftershock please
A slang term for the fluid excreted during ejaculation.
It took her five minutes to lick all the El Monko out of his arse.
by Guy Trenchman September 05, 2003
Human form often reffered to as Tony, Monkey, Chunk oh and often you hear his name combined with the words fuck off and stop touching me heaven knows why.
Oi Monkey fuck off.
Oi stop touching me you perv.
Hey its healing up Tony your gonna need to sort that out.
by The Mighty Phil April 30, 2003
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