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The best video game character ever! He is the best Virtua Fighter character ever! He is a true powerhouse, with his lightning fast Lucha Libre style. And he is of course, sexy! He is Mexican. El Blaze rules.
El Blaze is truly the best fighter in the world. Hopefully he defeats Wolf, and wins the World Fighting Tournament 5! I know he can defeat Wolf. Heavyweights are nothing to him! I love El Blaze.
by Sabrina L. August 03, 2007
He is on Virtua Fighter 5. He is the best, and sexiest video game character ever! He has a hot body, a hot ass, a hot chest, a hot face, a hot smile, and so much more hot things! He is a luchador who hails from Mexico. El Blaze rules!
Shelby: Let's play Virtua Fighter 5.

Sabrina: Okay, start the PS3, it's my favorite game!

Shelby: Choose your character, I chose Shun Di.

Sabrina: Oh, I choose El Blaze, El Blaze is the best. He is so sexy. Lucha Libre is awesome!

1 minute later

Sabrina: Ha ha, I beat you, see, El Blaze is excellent!
by Sabrina L.. August 16, 2007
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