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A musical comedy in three acts written by celebrated playwrights Knickhill Ahnund and Uhmoogh Javanoor. The show premiered on Broadway on December 17, 2011 and got rave reviews.

The plot centers around a weary Doctor Kalam Rangosapanadan who has not spoken in seventeen years. He is enlisted to fight the combined forces of Professor Jai Ramprasad from IIT, who has corrupted the Doctor's daughter into the ways of villainy. Will he succeed in his virtuous endeavor, or will he forever be thwarted by this Madinamapialalala-menacing madman? It all depends on the strength of his moustache! Stay tuned!

As with any other such play, there are 18 musical sequences, each indistinguishable from the next.
Daughter: *eyes bloodshot* Ek minute! I shall tell you this once only so listen very well.It is pronounced as Madinamapialalala and don't you forget it, I swear upon Dhristadhyumna's Devanagari, heads will roll! sits down

*Thunder in the background. Lighting flashes in the middle of the day. Everyone stares wide eyed. Cue ominous music.*


Auto Rickshaw Driver: "Where to, saa-"
Doctor: slaps him SHADDAP!

*leaps into rickshaw, twirls his moustache, and speeds across the stage*
by Rowheed "Rajkumar" Toorumellow September 11, 2008
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