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E.T.B.R.: The action of when two men are dually penetrating (ass + mouth or vagina + mouth) a women and then proceed to high five above the female. Then one or both yell "BOBCAT" which initiates a friend, fully naked, to jump out of a nearby closet or door and make an expression of a bobcat, “MEOW” “MEOW”, in rapid succession. Which in turn startles the female, and then the two men that are high fiving try to hold on for at least 8 seconds.
My friend Joe and I began to dually penetrate a girl. We then high fived and yelled "BOBCAT." John jumped out of her closet and screamed “MEOW” “MEOW” just like a bobcat. She tried to pull away but we held on for 8 seconds. Man that night was epic we pulled that Eiffel Tower Bobcat Rodeo off perfectly. But she never called me back?
by Gen. Burns July 09, 2012
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