Ehma gawd! is a phrase I first came across while reading "The Qlique" by Lisi Harrison. It basically is a prep-school way to say "Oh My God!"
Massie: Ehma gawd!

Dylan: What?

Kristen: Your Prada doesn't match those shoes!!!

Alicia: Seriously

Dylan: Ohno!

(huge situation in the eyes of people like me and the qlique.)
by lolgirlyy May 01, 2008
Top Definition
A sped-up variation of the phrase "Oh, my God," used by cliquey or "preppy" girls.
Claire: "Ehmagawd!!! She totally kissed Cam!!!"
by Cormany10 February 23, 2008
prep speak for "oh my god," usually said quickly when the "hot new scoop" is being dished.
Ehmagawd! Did you like totally hear about her dating him? I mean like ehmagawd! SLUT!
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