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The sound that spongebob makes when plankton tells him that he put too much sauce on the krabby patty.
Plankton: ...I don't know... put too much sauce now leave me alone!

Spongebob: eh eh eh eh ..... eh eh eh eh eh
by Obaky November 18, 2010
A laugh with slight guilt or embarrassment. More often typed than said aloud. Also, it is said by Rikku when she is in the Thunder Plains in the game Final Fantasy X. She is scared of lightning, and starts laughing like this.
Person: What? You really accidentally went into the wrong bathroom??

Person 2: Eheheheh... Um... Yeah. But not on purpose!!
by person ^^ May 19, 2004
A phrase deriving from mimicking the beat of the chorus of "Big Pimpin." Pronounced with a soft throaty upside down e sound, one usually pumps there fist (simulating tapping a surface) in rhythm while saying the phrase.

It is used to signify one's dincontent of an unnessary nonprogression.

It is used to signify boredom

It is also sometimes used in the direct opposite effect to signify a developing event that could possibly exciting.
When two people argue over the time limit on a trivial pursuit question, the rest of the group would signify their boredom or displeasure by "EH EH EH EHing."
by Ox Wingo November 08, 2005
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