egotistical is a user on the popular pool and snooker websites; funkypool and funkysnooker. The user's play often leaves opponents mystified and stunned.

Many believe egotistical to possess magical powers that allow him to perform so well at these games, leading to "egotistical" being used as a standard of play (see example). This use however is generally accepted to mean a slightly lower standard of play than that of the user egotistical, of course.
WOW i just played a guy who was playing very egotistical!!
by pool_bird December 30, 2009
Austin Clark
Austin Clark is so egotistical, it is ridiculously awesome!
by Ashley421 September 08, 2008
Some one who has a small penis and whore tony hawk all day.
Option is an egotistical bastard.
by LooDizZy. August 14, 2005

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