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A piece of toast with the center cut out, usually by a juice cup, with a fried egg in the middle. Cooked in a fry pan with butter. You definitely save the center to fry too.
Evey Hammond: "What is that you're making?"
Gordon Deitrich: "We call it "Eggy in a Basket". My mum used to make them."
by neoaddict October 22, 2008
When an excessive amount of friction, occurring during anal intercourse, is built up inside the anal cavity creating such a unfathomable amount of heat, that one cracks an egg into the backdoor coital hole boiling the egg into a tasty eggy treat.
Sebastian: "Phil, I told you should have used that curry on your cous cous last night."

Phil: "I know, that eggy in a basket sure was bland!"
by egthomps May 27, 2010
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