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Simply put, these are weight-loss methods that will work for anyone. They are simple, inexpensive, and don't require medicines or bulky, complicated machinery.

1. EAT IN MODERATION- This means don't go out and eat 6 Big Macs, 2 family sized pizzas, 4 extra-large bags of fries when a small bag of fries with a normal-szed burger will do.

2. EXERCISE MORE OFTEN- If you're a kid, participate in your PE class (No, sitting on the bleachers and discussing whether Ja-Rule is gay or not doesn't count!) frequently. If you're an adult, jog around the block or join an exercise class.

3. TRY A GREATER VARIETY OF FOODS- Don't just eat junk food and chips; try someting spicy or savory once in a while. Try to integrate more of the food groups into your daily diet as well.

4. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY- When you feel full, stop eating. It's as simple as that. Just save what you can for next time.

5. DON'T BELIEVE THE (LOW-FAT) HYPE!- Low- fat doesn't neccesarily mean 'low-fat'; it caould be loaded with dyes and added sweeteners.

6. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE FAD DIETS- The only thing that will slim down is your wallet.
none needed
by Shawn B. December 10, 2003