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A suzizzle person who derives happiness from a social and active lifestyle whilst maintaining high abuse of all things sweet without calories (e.g. suzie red). Synonyms could be 'wind' and 'fire' as it is hard to forsee paths travelled by an Edwina, but you feel the burn as she leaves you where you stand, aching for the next connection. Contradicting personality fueled by a flammable zest for life.
That wind has a forboding yet fun-adrenaline provoking edwina feel to it.
by UlrikeMeinhoffIV November 10, 2009
beautiful, intellegent, cool, nice, bitchy, girl. she loves sports and is very good at them. she can bitch you out if she wants or needs to. she catches the eye of alot of guys. you would love her.
shes a edwina.
by anonymous123423920 July 20, 2010
1.Feminine version of Edwin
Means "prosperous friend' in English.
Edwina is not a common name.
by W.D. May 28, 2005
1. A large beaver who likes to build dams.. and has very large buckteeth..

2. A dirty ass clown!
Dude 1. Did you just see that edwina?
Dude 2. Yeah man holy fuck she has big teeth..
by Edwina.. October 18, 2008
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