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This is when your teacher says the course is "History of the 20th century" on the syllabus, and then proceeds to teach you all about him or herself.
No, the lives of teachers may in fact be interesting, but anecdotes from the bedroom ought to be left in the bedroom, thanks.
Mr. Worguheirvhehgurheiuhrvnvevib: Okay, class, today we will discuss, analyze and evaluate the significance of totalitarianism.
The "Keener" Student: Oh! I have already done the readings! I --
Mr. W cutting off his student: I remember last night with my date. God, she was a sexxxy beast. We made glorious, crazy monkey sex all night long. I'd go into further details if you were a little older, but I have a class to teach.
Confused Student: Um, Sir? What about totali--
Mr. W cutting off his student for a second time: Oh, alright, if you INSIST! So...
**Supplemental note by student afterwards: He really knows how to please a woman, but it has nothing to do with the rise of totalitarian states. That was a painful class of educational perversion.
by Kag October 06, 2005
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