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Educational Sin refers to the act of knowingly committing wrongdoing in a school setting (usually high school and college.) The first signs of Educational Sin are procrastination by nature, and more commonly referred to as "senioritis."

Educational Sin is knowing that you have work to do and deciding to do anything but the work you need to do. It is not limited to only seniors, for it can affect everyone at all levels of their educational career. It's very similar to procrastination, but there's a deep cutting away at the good educational soul that is nearly nonexistent by the end of your institutionalized education. Educational institutions are the cause of this and also contribute to a lack of imagination and creativity.
Tom: Hey, I'm going a kickback tonight wanna come?

Gabe: No thanks I have finals next week and should study. You have finals next week too, shouldn't you be studying?

Tom: Yeah, ... but ... I have been committing educational sins so often this quarter that I'm basically going to fail all my classes. I might not even show up for exam day. It would be a waste of time for me to go anyway.
by orchidsthief May 19, 2014

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