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nice, but a dickhead sometimes. very caring and very loyal, but sometimes have big arrogance and ignorance. complete show-off. big in size and heart.
" OMG. He dump me, such an Edrick!"
" Dude you're not more important than anyone else, don't be an Edrick."
" I don't give a crap on your bling, you Edrick."
" Aww. You'd really do that? You Edrick."
by lilasianshortie August 10, 2008
an energetic person who tends to roll around and make extremely loud noises. sometimes arrogant and rude but always makes a humorous first impression.

One with a mental disability and is incapable of doing anything. A complete mong.
Oh, well look at this, he an Edrick. I just hope he doesn't break something.
by LEXorz1 August 18, 2010
a dick who always shows off. nice SOMETIMES, but shows off like hell. smart SOMETIMES, retard most of the time. Religious, really religious.

High-class, don't go for cheap bargains. Doesn't even bargain. Only accept caviar for dinner.
This dude is such an edrick, he doesn't like to eat kfc.

I named my dick edrick.
by dealornodeal July 25, 2008