a dick who always shows off. nice SOMETIMES, but shows off like hell. smart SOMETIMES, retard most of the time. Religious, really religious.

High-class, don't go for cheap bargains. Doesn't even bargain. Only accept caviar for dinner.
This dude is such an edrick, he doesn't like to eat kfc.

I named my dick edrick.
by dealornodeal July 25, 2008
Top Definition
an energetic person who tends to roll around and make extremely loud noises. sometimes arrogant and rude but always makes a humorous first impression.

One with a mental disability and is incapable of doing anything. A complete mong.
Oh, well look at this, he an Edrick. I just hope he doesn't break something.
by LEXorz1 August 18, 2010
nice, but a dickhead sometimes. very caring and very loyal, but sometimes have big arrogance and ignorance. complete show-off. big in size and heart.
" OMG. He dump me, such an Edrick!"
" Dude you're not more important than anyone else, don't be an Edrick."
" I don't give a crap on your bling, you Edrick."
" Aww. You'd really do that? You Edrick."
by lilasianshortie August 10, 2008
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