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A creature made of a stretchy skin like substance covered in tattoos who enjoys spending it's spare time in or around gasoline stations. Known to attack without warning and use foul language. Phrases such as OH yeah, mother f*cker, NO?, I'll fucking bury you, are common among Edmours. The Edmour's most common mode of transportatino is the Chyrsler Concorde, but can also be foudn driving a Honda Odyssey or Ford Mustang. The Edmour can be distinguished from a regular human by looking at it's feet, which are usually covered in old boots. If the creature's feet face outward, and not straight ahead like a human's would, you can rest assured that you've found an Edmour.
Guy1: Hey look at that weird guy over there at the gas station
Guy2: Dude, thats not a guy, thats an Edmour. You can tell because it's feet go east and west not north and south like ours.
Guy1:Ohhh. I see.
by Pshoon Arman August 18, 2007
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