The guy in charge of approving your definitions.

(See The Asshole Trio.)
Jack: "I demand to know which bastard is the Editor-in-Chief around here!!!"

Jill: "LOL, sure thing, Jack. Go talk to those three crazy guys over there behind the giant curtain."
by j<>j January 19, 2013
Top Definition
The most powerful person in a publication that acts as the dicator of the publication. The Editorial Board acts as the Editor-in-Chief's Board of Advisors, but the Editor-in-Chief has final, undisputed say over everything and every part of the the publication. Staff reporters are below both the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board. They are rigorously trained to one day eventually become Editors or Editors-in-Chief.
Lorenzo is Clarion Newspaper's Editor-in-Chief; you must get his approval in order for this story to be published in the newspaper.
by Lorenzo EditorinChief November 07, 2006

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