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Edgewood is in Maryland and it just so happens to be the most bad ass area in harford County. Edgewood High School is home of the coolest people around. It has Gangstas, Plenty of Band geeks, and a few gothic people.
75% Black
20% White
5% other
Robber: Give me your money yo!
Person: Stay back Biotch! I go to Edgewood!
Robber: Oh Shit Son! ::Runs away::
by Edgewood Goddess March 13, 2005
The town often confused with edgewater.
edgewood resident :"Can I get a large pizza with pepperoni? deliver it to 333 rt. 40. apt 3b."

Dominos pizza: rt.40 ? we don't go to rt 40 and we don't have any apartments edgewater. You must want the dominos in edgewood.

edgewood resident: Yea...can I have the number?

Dominos pizza edgewater: yes, 411 and ask for dominos pizza in edgewood, not edgewater, md.
by kiko33 December 03, 2006
Edgewood is where Steve Budzynski lives and he is the hottest asian boy with the worlds tinee tiniest wiener, also the rest of the WetDreamer crew which happen to be the hottest white/jewish/pureultravioletwhite/whatever looking kids in the whole universe
Penis Juice Wanger Butt Lick Snowball
by Stevie MothaF-ing B March 06, 2005
edgewood is where fags liek u guys write this dumb ass shit except for stevie b lol
"I want to be different so I wear all black and converses"
by Jon Hart March 15, 2005