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Most people with this spelling name are short thick and sexy. Classy but a badass at the same time. independent and she works it.
Youre pretty fly if your name is ebonee. NOT Ebony
by cakezsLonleyew February 05, 2010

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A gorgeous tall girl with the most amazing face. She is a badass but have that nice and loving side. She speaks her mind but most of all the relationship type. When it come to relationships she is willing to try new things and that type of person who doesn't want no other bitch trying to mess with her man. She wants that type of relationship where she doesn't care what people think and likes to show people what she is working, that one where she shows people she is in love and not scared to show this in public.
That girl Ebonee is the one for me!
by Shannan Treven October 27, 2013