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The give-and-take of any relationship. Taking the good with the bad.
(Charlie Murphy describing his friendship with Rick James): "That was the EBB AND FLOW. It was, you know, he would go over the top, and then I would, you know, check him, and then we would have fun after that. We're still friends, as a matter of fact."
by JohnnyAngel81 June 05, 2010
Time and Tide waits for no man. A familiar saying from the days of sailing ships when tides determined departure times. Supposedly a quote as early as the 14th century. Basically means if you've got something important to do, don't procrastinate, because neither time nor tide will wait for you.
Man 1 : We have to wake up early tomorrow for fishing

Man 2 : Why do we have to wake up so early?

Man 1 : By Ebb and flow! The largest fish hang around in the mornings
by LandStalker October 14, 2007