In the ethnic gay world, "cookies" is a word that could be used instead of 'ass'. "Eating Cookies" means that a person's ass (usually a male) is made love to with a tongue in preparation for anal penetration.
"Eating Cookies". He wanted to stick his cock in my ass but we were all out of lube. If he wanted to slip inside of me, he was going to have to get me soft, wet, and relaxed. I told him that he would have to eat my cookies first.
by MrBryant August 28, 2009
Top Definition
A person is "eating cookies" when their ass cheeks are swallowing up their pants and lumps of fat are visible.
WHOA!!! Wanda best lose some weight dog, she's eating cookies.
by BStalker June 17, 2007
when a dude and a girl are kissing uncontrollably and someone catches them...
Roommate 1: on the bed kissing and making out with her boyfriend
Roommate 2: Walks in with her boyfriend and catches them and yells...eww yall eating cookies?!
by Tata & Moni March 14, 2005
When the butt cheeks of a person are "eating cookies" they are swallowing up the pants and lumps of fat are visible.
WHOA!!! Yolanda is seriously eating cookies dog, even Atkins couldn't help that.
by BStalker June 20, 2007
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