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A Male's style of dressing when you are expecting to get some action. Wearing sweatpants and or gym shorts or any other type of bottoms to where you make it easier for the gal or yourself to flip out your penis. The opposite of going "Easy Flippinz" would be to wear tight jeans with a belt. This is a term for the Bros to use & what makes this term the best is when the girl is oblivious and just doesnt understand why you and your' bros are always in gym shorts.

Term Created By
Bro 1- What are you wearing to the party tonight bro?
Bro 2- Well i know imma go Easy Flippinz idk bout you bro

Girl - Why do you always wear gym shorts around me!
Boyfriend - EASY FLIPPINZ!
Girl - What the eff does that mean!
Boyfriend - *doesnt say anything just gives her the look*
by SupMikecheck September 12, 2011

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