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A large ziplock bag, like those in "earthquake kits" you make in elementary, in which a stoner stores all; glass, clear eyes, containers/canisters, herbal supplements, ect.. this item is to be hidden in places never accessed by parental units and should only be used when parents leave house and your homedogs want to throw a phat sesh with you.

P.s. all earthquake kits vary in contents, size, and organization. Advanced kits used by the avid stoner may include hostess cupcakes, and extra glass pipe or bong, Rodo's Brand Eyedrops, and other crunchy or dank munchies.
Bryan: Dude whats happenin tonight?

Ande: I think my parents are leaving man.

Bryan: FO REALZ?

Ande: Fuck yea dawg. lets bust out the earthquake kit!
by AN-D, Mary Jane, and Bdiggs April 06, 2011
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