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1. A Premature Ejaculator

2. A Boy who develops early, thus intern is able to skeet earlier. The maximum age for an early skeeter is arguable. Some say the maximum age is 12, others 14. Skeet Magee (the most famous skeeter of all time) is a classic example of an Early Skeeter. Skeet Magee was able to skeet at age 12, though some say that he was born with the ability to skeet, making him the earliest skeeter of all time by at least 10 years.
Bob: "My son Timmy succesfully masturbated today!!!"
Jones: "Dude, 1st of all thats nasty"
Bob: "Come on man, hes only 12 years old!!"
Jones: "Damn...thats incredible I forgot he was that young"
Bob: "Yup my Timmy is an Early Skeeter "
Jones: "Your sons a regular F****** Skeet Magee!"
Bob: "Well I didnt say all that, I mean Skeet Magee is a F****** legend man, my son is a pansy"
by David Skeet Jr. March 12, 2008
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