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It means that you are listenin to someone elses conversation when you should be mindin your own buisness.
Why you hear hustlin punk?
by FrIsKo's FiOnEsT November 29, 2004
listening in on a private conversation
ear jackin
"Stop ear hustlin' are so damn nosey"
by ms. mick July 31, 2005
eavesdropping or listening in on someones conversation that you are not a part of.
"That dude over there is straight up earhustlin our converstaion"
by 30-CDirty March 16, 2009
To be in anothers persons business.
I was Ear Hustlin' this Breezy and she said she only like females.
by Macfeasy September 04, 2003
Eavesdropping; listening in on someone else's conversation.
Tell my man to stop ear hustlin'..
by V dot January 26, 2012
A.k.a. eavesdropping. This is just another word for it.
The other day I was ear hustlin' and i heard about the plan to kill the other member.
by J Staxx February 11, 2010
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