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An acronym used in many a forms. Originally was intended to be an acronym for Eat Me Mother Fucker. In the early 90's, a group of Hackers known as the EmmF terrorized many big name websites, and was known for the infamous BirdBug Virus created by ByrdX. Other hacks demonstrated were usually of the old UBB(Ultimate Bulletin Boards) and usually referenced a phrase from the video game Zero Wing. The 'ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US' was turned into 'ALL YOUR UBB ARE BELONG TO ABVP' as ABVP was a member of The EmmF. Nowadays you rarely hear the saying EMMF but it was more popular in the late 90's.
ABVP: What do you get when you mix a blue sucker with a red sucker?
BYRDX: I dunno..?
ABVP: Me either, Eat me Mother Fucker.

It is also commonly used as a reply to anyone's negativity.
by Dean Elledge February 02, 2009
Eat me mother fucker
swear that bitch wanted to emmf.
by jarrod6 September 02, 2008
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